Although my suggestion is that “there are no printer or copier companies” – yes that’s right none! Instead there are a lot of companies selling ink or “dots on a page” – it hasn’t quite arrived but I am sure the day will come when you get a free printer for your home in your Corn Flakes!

The reason they do this is so of course you then keep returning for the ink or toner. Traditionally in the reprographics or copier marketplace the toner is included within a maintenance agreement; when you consider the importance of these machines within many organisations (particularly legal and insurance for example) this makes perfect sense.

Costs of printing and copying is something which most organisations do not have a handle on – they just keep buying more cartridges – we can assist you with this – helping to form a strategy encompassing things such as cost, performance, functionality and the environment.

Today’s myriad of devices are high-speed, multi-function products that include printing, scanning and faxing if desired and more often than not output in colour.

Remember we work for you so we can help you in selecting the correct equipment for your needs rather than the one that makes the sales-person most commission that month! We may be able to save you thousands of pounds!