We appreciate that one size certainly does not fit all and that is why we provide the membership options below – which one will you choose?

For a very small monthly fee you can "join" Business Head as a registered member. This entry level option is a non-managed or reactive service which is ideal if you are looking to ensure you are being treated fairly by your supplier. For example you may be considering a purchase of a Ricoh photocopier from an existing (or new) supplier and maybe you already have a quote or two in front of you.

Your status as a Business Head registered member means that you now have a conduit to competitive pricing for a world of technology (IT, photocopier and telephony) products and services.

You provide us information of the products or services you are considering and we "price-check" them for you - indicating to you the likely TRADE costs and advise what you could pay elsewhere for them should your incumbent supplier be too greedy or be unwilling to "play ball".

You will also receive our regular bulletin.

In addition to all the registered benefits you gain by exclusive "club offers" for equipment and services which may be seldom achieved elsewhere together with a faster turnaround of price enquiries.

Because of this there is a degree of management inasmuch as we may provide alternatives for your consideration and benefit.

At this level we proactively partner with you, spending time on-site and becoming part of your business. We develop an on-going plan to bring technological benefits and strategies to your company whilst reducing costs and/or increasing efficiencies.

For as little as the cost of a McDonalds Happy Meal per day you not only gain a valuable staff member but automatically benefit by access to use of thousands of pounds of electronic document management and workflow software and Small Businesses (under ten computer users) are provided an email SPAM solution.

This really could be the link your business has been missing!