Promoting your business is key to its continued growth and success. We naturally believe that few things are better than word of mouth advertising however you can expedite this by marketing yourself to more businesses, we can you help you do this by: -

Using a combination of managed services, communication and web technologies, we offer a seamless and intelligent approach to web forensics and email broadcasting.

Look no further for the right solution at a cost effective price to breathe knowledge, data capturing, intelligence and personalisation into you website and email communications.

Go one step further than Google Analytics and cross over from web statistics to named individuals and company profiles visiting your website without logging in anywwhere.

    Who is on your website, what they are viewing and downloading?

    Collect personal details of individuals who visit your site so you can follow up with relevant and timely communications?

    A complete overview of your customer activity and trends on a regular basis?

Convert Your Web Statistics Into Sales
eForensics empowers you to know who your visitors are, what they are viewing and when they are on your website. It enables you to capture and contact leads before they leave your site. The tracking history allows you to get a full picture of what your visitors are interested in and therefore accelerates the conversion from lead to sale.

Real Time Notification
Your website will provide you with real-time notifications when a specific user visits: it could be a selected group or individual visiting a domain or specific web page, giving you that edge for further prospect attention or automated contact.

Build Brand Loyalty and Relationships
Eliminate the guess work associated with cross-selling and up-selling of current customers by using accumulated behaviours and lifetime values of individuals, as well as relevant segments, to improve your offers and recommendations.

Generate and Nurture Leads online
Even if you don't sell products and services online, the web can be a rich source of leads and sales. The one-to-one customer intelligence captured by eForensics helps you: Get an unrestricted online view of customer behaviour, enabling you to gauge the interest of leads and prospects across all of your online campaigns through unique tracking of visitors by individual names and company.

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As an authorised distributor of ePurple's eForsensics we help you take web analytics to the next level by linking contact details of the individual or company with their online behaviour. eForensics creates detailed profiles of your customers, prospects and groups.

Connect with your customers - Get the one-to-one perspective you need to offer personalised communications and services that turn occasional visitors into dedicated, repeat customers.


How Does eForensics Work?

  • Individual visits your website
  • Web Forensics captures data on your visitor which is completley ethical and transparent
  • Reports specific contact details
  • Sends real time alerts to your designated email address
  • Reports provides details on how your visitor arrived at your site (either natural or search engine), and details on their journey through your site
  • Information and data is captured and reported back to you on a regular basis - giving you the knowledge of who is using your website and how they are using it.

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