The "Microsoft scam" typically follows the following steps:

1. A telephone call from a company claiming to be monitoring your Internet connection, advising you that they thought you had virus problems.

2. Request that you switch on your computer.

3. Right click My Computer> Manage> Computer Management> System Tools> Event Viewer> System

4. Showing you some "errors".

5. Provide you with a 'LogMeIn' (remote management) password.

6. Removal of "supposed errors" for a fee payable by Debit or Credit Card - details which they take from you!

All reports indicate that although they have remote access that they currently appear to be doing nothing more than clearing your error logs and taking your hard earned cash - rather than installing any malicious software - this may change.

This is of course nothing whatsoever to do with Microsoft and if you experience this please let us or your preferred IT professional know so it can be reported.

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