...well you get the gist – money is definitely hard earned nowadays and should not be treated lightly although it is of course not necessarily good to just store it in the bank – how can it best work for you?

Don’t forget Business Head look at things differently and we will assist you in understanding some of the finance options and why a sales organisation may want or encourage you to finance.

Be careful or you may be ripped off in a way similar to how I “mugged” Shakespeare above! (You can read it without adulteration in Hamlet Act 3, scene 1) - talk with Business Head to avoid fiscal apocalypse!

Naturally your accountant will be key in any final decision as to whether you should or should not finance an equipment purchase.

Some reasons why finance (leasing) may be correct for your organisation: -

Each and every asset acquired for your business demands a payback from generating extra income or by creating overhead savings. Deferring the acquisition costs by leasing new equipment can provide you with an immediate return on that investment and avoid depleting your working capital.

We can look at the advantages that leasing rentals may be for your cash flow, via easy to use calculators.

Maintaining liquidity (i.e. available cash), is critical to the health of your business and is fully supported by the practice of leasing, which removes the need to tie up valuable cash resources in a rapidly depreciating asset; freeing up capital that may certainly be better invested, elsewhere in your business. Leasing allows you to treat the acquisition of new equipment as revenue, rather than a capital expense.

Under a leasing agreement the total amount of all rentals payable in each Tax year can be 100% off-set against Corporation Tax, over the life of the agreement. Only leasing enables you to write-off the full purchase price, against Tax, linked to the expected useful working life of the equipment - which may be as short as three years, for high tech products.

The useful working life of many business assets can be hard to predict. Given the pace of technological advancements, any finance arrangement must be flexible enough to accommodate these developments. Leasing agreements can be upgraded, often at no increase to your existing rental, to ensure you can always have the equipment that matches your up-to-date business needs.

Unlike many other forms of finance, where interest rates fluctuate, leasing rentals are fixed for the duration of the agreement. This allows you to budget in complete confidence that costs will not escalate.

Leasing facilities are dedicated to the equipment concerned and no other form of security is normally required. Our leasing facilities will not affect current borrowing capabilities leaving your existing sources of finance conveniently undisturbed.