What we do
Our portfolio ranges from ensuring fair office equipment prices (such as IT, Telecoms and Reprographics) to filling a void in your company and providing technology strategy. The aforementioned products and services are vital to the operation of just about all modern organisations however large or small. Furthermore their requirement of capital investment and ongoing maintenance can be a large part of an organisations budget.

Traditionally companies have turned to a sales organisation for assistance with the above – dealing with their “middle-man” – the sales-person! A poker game then ensues over features, advantages, benefits and price – often with only one winner – the organisation that the sales person works for! You, the customer may even win the odd price battle from time to time only to find that you have lost the war for quality of service and reliability!

If only you could employ an expert in the area of business solutions; of course unless you are a sizeable and profitable company this is likely to be a luxury and a heady expense; anything from £40,000 to £100,000 per annum (depending upon factors such as geography, experience and considering the costs of employment). You need to know that you are getting good advice and competitive pricing – you need a “business head” at a fraction of the price!

Business Head exist to fill that gap – working for you the customer NOT a sales organisation. We bring over two decades of experience from the “other side of the fence” to your side – moving that middle-man (who didn’t start in the middle anyway!) past the middle to your side of the desk!

We understand the “tricks” that are employed by others (more so than ever in difficult market conditions) and we know TRADE pricing. We operate transparently – SHOWING you what things cost from a capital and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) perspective and aid you in making correct decisions.

You employ us on a subscription basis meaning that we "join" you in an ongoing relationship, meaning you benefit from good advice at all stages in the lifecycle of your equipment and services – not just at the stage “when there is business to be had”!

In a nutshell: we deal with knowledge and assist you in applying it correctly for your business – “knowledge rightly applied”.

Central to our success is understanding your business and business drivers. Of course this does not happen overnight but we provide a free of charged initial consultancy where we complete an assessment with you to understand your business strengths, challenges and goals.

We recognise that no two businesses are the same and it may not be about cost reduction – it may be about increasing efficiency and performance – doing things differently but not knowing where to turn (apart from an off-centre middle-man of course!). We can assist with business concepts and increase the likelihood of project successes – understanding and working for you – whilst translating from geek to business-speak.

Next we undertake a contract review of Telephony (including mobiles), Information Technology and Photocopying submitting a report and plan to show how you can save money and/or improve quality of service.

Often this is minimal; we are currently offering a free initial consultancy and thereafter a contracts review with a money back promise. You will most likely find we will “make you money” and you will wish you had employed Business Head sooner!

Key to our success is integrity – our service is about delivering what you require for a fair and transparent price – not about brown envelopes or hidden commissions. With integrity at the core we are able to build on-going relationships; recognising that personality is important to a successful working relationship – we aim to create a situation where we want to work with one another and both parties benefit.

Business Head was conceived in 2007 and was as a result of being asked to assist an East Sussex based law-firm. They were a small company who had recently had a change in staff. We engaged with them to review multiple finance (lease) contracts for office equipment products (IT, Photocopying, Digital Dictation and Telephones) and also the many invoices they were receiving regularly for the servicing of this equipment.

The findings revealed their former Office Manager had been misled by an unscrupulous Sales Person and the company were now committed to a financial agreement with a lease company for seven years at around £750.00 per quarter. Our investigations had uncovered a “shady deal” which using our skills and experience we were able to unwind the agreement (dealing with all parties involved) with a net saving of £20,000 for the solicitors!